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Brief Introduction

Senior Citizen’s Fund, has been established under social welfare Act 2049- Article 17 of Welfare Council under the ministry of ‘Women, Children and Social Welfare and according as the Social Welfare Council Fund Establishment and Procedure  Manual 2055, its amendment 2072. The constitution of Nepal 2072, Part 3 Article 41 mentions – the UN Charters will be specially defended from the state and they will be the social rights of the citizens. This Senior Citizens Fund has been established with the objectives of protecting and promoting senior citizens. This Senior Citizen’s Fund has been established with the objectives of protecting and promoting senior citizens according to the spirit and feelings of the constitution. The requirement to establish this Senior Citizen’s Fund has been realized to work for the protection and promotion as well as for their social security of the Senior Citizen who belongs to the age-group above 60 years. It is the responsibility of state to provide the Services and facilities required for such citizens and preserving and promoting their fundamental Rights. Taking this responsibility of the state, as its own, Senior Citizen Fund has been moving forward.

It is the single interest of the Senior Citizen to live in a comfortable and respectable life at old-age after offering whole life, and family to the society and nation. Today, the senior citizens have been forced to live miserable life at the old age after offering whole life, and family to the society and Nation. Today, the Senior Citizens have been forced to live miserable life and are at risk, because of the negative perspective from the family and society while they are getting weaker physically and intellectually. They have been forced to live in old- age houses being detached while travelling arround. Being timely aware on the possibility of the in pact of the development in the world economy and day-by-day progress of science and technology on Nepalese society and working in this field is todays necessity. The decision, proclamations, Commitments and activities at the international and regional level particularly united  Nations principles for older persons 1991,  Macau Plan for Action on Ageing 2004 etc, have been required to be implemented phase-wisely to be appropriate in the context of our country and through National Work-plan appropriately. Senior citizens are the armaments of society. Taking this reality as the law of nature, their skill, and ability should be handed over to the society. The study research conducted throughout the world shows the increasing number at the senior citizen. As a result, senior citizens have been deprived of take-care and looking after environment because of tendency of giving birth to fewer children and involvement of the children in trade, business and profession. The events like fearfully expelling the senior citizens from family taking them as economic burden in some of the family has been commonly known. This senior citizen’s fund will be dedicated to play important role to keep them free from such several events. For this, the under mentioned are the activities this Senior Citizen’s Fund.

  1. Preserving the policy, planning and program for the protection and social security of senior citizen and implementing them.
  2. Establishing take-care centers and day-care centers and operating them for Senior Citizens.
  3. Providing protection, social security and health-care for the senior citizen.
  4.  Providing appropriate shelter and dietaries for senior citizens.
  5. Managing for the Senior Citizen to be involved in worthy activities appropriate to their physical capability.
  6. Taking initiation to provide all the services and facilities from the state including transportation.
  7. Creating the environment for the senior citizens to live with justice and self-respect fulfilling their necessity in humanity basis.
  8. Conducting the study, research and monitoring the level provisions, policies, laws, services and facilities and institutional structures, providing them with the environment required to live respectable life according to the criteria of human rights, making the society and state aware providing necessary cooperation, and suggestion to the state and society identifying incomplete issues in this regard.
  9. Providing the facilities like library, sports and recreations and providing them with the environment of being involved in the spiritual activities as per their interest.
  10. Providing the environment for sharing their skills/abilities to each-others.
  11. Implementing all the measures for the right, interest, facility and welfare of the senior citizen.
  12. Preparing the documentaries to reduce the inter-generation differences At last, we can earn divine blessings better helping the poor and miserable people than through worshiping in the temple and praying in the church. We can prove to be divine representative (God) in their necessities and difficulties. A child today has to be young tomorrow, then adult afterwards, which can neither be checked by science nor with nature. Therefore, lets express our feeling of respect to senior citizen, extend our helping hands, let’s not humiliate anyone, taking care and looking after them is humane.

                        Never should we forget the truth that the senior citizens are the precious assets of the state. We can utilize their experience, qualification and capability for the country’s development. Senior Citizens are the ornaments of society. The norms and values, rites and cultures of the society have been protected from them. Therefore, individual, family, society and whole state should be committed in the protection and promotion of the senior citizens. We should protect and promote them with timely appropriate Act, law. We should provide them with the services, and facilities and we should utilize their skill and capabilities for the country’s development. Let’s work for this.